Find out why they chose patients from Europe and the USA, Ebident Palladium Residence

Bucharest is a training center for dentists and, because patients’ expectations are high, Ebident has trained a team of experienced doctors, specialists on each side of modern dentistry. 
Due to the team, the familiar atmosphere and the latest equipment, both Romanian patients from Bucharest or other cities of the country come here, as well as foreign patients who appreciate a modern intervention, performed at an optimal cost in conditions of perfect safety.

In Romania, you get good jobs at much lower prices than in Europe and you can opt for a real vacation in which to combine the useful with the pleasant. 

Most of the times, Romanians from the province or living abroad choose to come to the Capital because they do not have a dental clinic in their locality at the desired standards. 

Thus, they turn to a dental clinic like EbiDent, which can give them full confidence and attention in the treatment offered. We invite you to contact us for a free consultation.

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