Dental tourism: real health and exceptional experience at EbiDent Palladium Residence!

Dental tourism in Romania has developed following the desire of foreign patients to benefit from the quality of excellent services of Romanian doctors. The quality of dental interventions EbiDent has brought us patients from Italy, USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, etc. and we are ready to solve complex cases in an optimal time at affordable prices. Currently in Romania the prices for dental treatments are about 60% – 70% lower than in Western countries.
But dental tourism means more than a visit to the dentist, it is a whole experience. Ebident Clinic has developed a special program for dental tourism in which we offer accommodation, dental services and even trips and pick-up from the airport for our clinical patients.
Find out why they chose patients from Europe and the USA, Ebident Palladium Residence
Bucharest is a training center for dentists and, because patients’ expectations are high, Ebident has trained a team of experienced doctors, specialists on each side of modern dentistry. Due to the team, the familiar atmosphere and the latest equipment, both Romanian patients from Bucharest or other cities of the country come here, as well as foreign patients who appreciate a modern intervention, performed at an optimal cost in conditions of perfect safety.
In Romania, you get good jobs at much lower prices than in Europe and you can opt for a real vacation in which to combine the useful with the pleasant. Most of the times, Romanians from the province or living abroad choose to come to the Capital because they do not have a dental clinic in their locality at the desired standards. Thus, they turn to a dental clinic like EbiDent, which can give them full confidence and attention in the treatment offered. We invite you to contact us for a free consultation.

I’m interested! How do I proceed?

Benefit from quality dental treatments by following the steps below:


1. Radiography transmission

Please send us a copy of a recent panoramic radiograph to the e-mail address office@ebident.ro (OPT -orthopantomogram).

2.Elaboration of treatment and approval plan

After they are analyzed, we will make an estimated treatment plan for your case. The exact situation of your oral health will be obtained only after a direct consultation, therefore, there may be changes in the treatment plan, which may decrease or slightly increase the estimated cost of your treatment.
Analyze the treatment plan with your doctor and agree on the right shape for you.

3. Treatment in the EbiDent clinic

We set together the period in which you will be in the clinic for treatment and receive all the details you need to visit the city.
The initial consultation will be performed, and based on this consultation it will be decided whether or not changes will be made to the initial treatment plan. The direct consultation is the one that determines the exact situation of the oral health, and if there are minor changes, you agree.
Steps and treatment sessions are established. The patient’s comfort is at the forefront, therefore the treatment sessions will take place always taking into account this aspect.

4.Post-intervention support and warranty

A biannual check-up is recommended, which can be done at home or in our clinic. At the end you will receive information and advice on how to maintain good oral health depending on the particularities of the treatment performed. All works are guaranteed under the conditions of good hygiene and the performance of biannual control inspections.


From a MEDICAL point of view, we can provide:

  • Consultation of dental radiography even from a distance – can be sent by email

  • Establishing a treatment plan – steps to follow on a daily basis

  • Establishing an estimated cost for dental treatment and dental work

  • Exceptional treatment performed by the EbiDent medical team with state-of-the-art equipment

  • Warranty for all work performed by the EbiDent team

  • Post-intervention support

From a TOURIST point of view, we can assist you in:

  • Establishing the routes (sea, mountain, cities, historical, religious objectives, etc.) according to the sessions at the dentist

  • Leisure activities

  • Establishing the costs and prices related to the vacation, as well as the accommodation options

What are the most desired treatments?


The most requested interventions are the implants with Dr. Cezar Trascu, the canal treatments of the endodontist Bogdan Ghilea and prosthetic works performed by Dr. Ada Craciuneanu and Dr. Anca Marin with an average of over 15 years of experience. Other popular interventions are braces and whitening.
All these operations are performed in our office with the latest technology and experienced doctors.

Find your smile in just 24 hours!


Because we know how precious your time is, we offer you Fast & Fixed dental implant programs that give you a functional smile in 24 hours, through a single intervention, at a price you know from the beginning.

You want to forget about classic, awkward dentures?

Many patients, who have lost or are about to lose all their teeth, want a fixed restoration without having to endure complicated bone addition procedures, which involve longer waiting times and additional costs. That’s why we recommend German Bredent implants.

The major advantages of using the SKY Fast & Fixed dental implant system from Bredent are:

  • Speed of procedure: a fully functional smile in 24 hours
  • Extraction and implantation in a single intervention
  • Time and cost planning
  • Minimally invasive intervention
  • Fixed teeth that you can eat immediately after surgery


Dental tourism – real health and exceptional experience!

If it sounds good what we have presented to you so far and you want to have a dental tourism stay combined with the taste of a real vacation, please contact us. We can customize your package according to your needs! You can opt for a package with accommodation included and a tourist guide or you can choose only the medical facilities of our clinic. We are flexible and we adapt according to your preferences. Contact us and we will work together to find the best solution for your situation!